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  • Acrylic 3d letters - Laser cut, formed, and injection molded
  • Metal 3d letters - cut metal, cast metal, and fabricated metal
  • Laminated 3d letters with metal faced laminate - acrylic or foam base
  • Illuminated 3d letters - GemLite, stainless steel, aluminum, and LUXE
  • Before you buy, learn about the different types of 3d letters

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Easy To Install

3d Letter Installation Options

3d letters can be installed with stud/pin mounting directly into wall and spaced/non-spaced away from the wall. The can also be mounted using double-stick tape directly to the wall or structure upon which they are being used. All 3d letters come with templates for mounting.

3d Letters Made in the USA

The 3d letters we sell are made exclusively in the USA and are made from a selection of materials including acrylics, CAB plastics, and metals and depending on your 3d letter selection and budget will be made from either solid materials or a casting method. Choose from a selection of colors or specify you color and gloss. Metals have a selection of finishes that include painted, brushed, or polished finishes.

Learn About 3d Letters

What Works for Your Signage

Built With Precision and Care

3d letters built with precision

Acrylic extrusion process for cutting 3d letters

Laser Cut Acrylic 3D Letters

Laser cut acrylic letter start at 1/8 inch thick to 1.5 inches thick. They can be painted a selection of colors and finishes such as matte, semi-gloss, or gloss using long-lasting industrial sign paints. Sizes can start as small as 1" and as are as large as 72" for letters and logos. Acrylic letters are lightweight and easy to install.

  • Sizes from one inch to six feet
  • Larger letters and logos available as multi-piece
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Optional custom painting and hi-res printing
  • Typical 4 day production
Formed Plastic 3D Letters

These 3d letters come in 32 standard styles and are made from CAB plastic - a tough UV stable, non-petroleum recyclable plastic. These 3d letters can be customized to match vurtually any letter style of logo that can be designed and can be produced in as little as 8 days. As with many 3d letters they can be ordered in a gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or matte finish. There is even a chrome finish! Additional options include flat face, prismatic face, or round faces.

  • Sizes from 2 inches to 68 inches
  • Tough UV stable CAB plastic
  • Far greater depth than flat cut 3d letters
  • Optional custom painting and hi-res printing
  • Sculpted, prismatic, round, or flat face profiles available
Injection Molded 3D Letters

These 3d letters feature smooth sides and razor sharp edges giving them the look and feel of cast metal in a plastic product. As with all plastic letters they can be used indoors or outdoors. They come in 46 standard colors or optionally your choice of colors. These 3d letters can also be ordered with prismatic faces

  • Suitable for interior or exterior signs
  • 6 standard styles available in any painted color
  • Typical 2 day production
  • Automotive quality paint
  • Tough UV stable, non-petroleum, completely recyclable plastic

Flat Cut Metal 3D Letters

Use flat cut 3d metal letters for cost-effective quality. These 3d letters come in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, or core-ten steel with 6 thicknesses and 50 standard finishes. Letter sizes range from one-half inch to 60 inches and larger letters and logos are available as multi-pieces. Typical production time is 6 days for these 3d letters. Finishes for these 3d letters include polished, brushed, oxidized, patina and more with 46 standard paint colors for painted metal 3d letters. Thicknesses range from 1/8 inch to 1 inch thick.

  • 3d Letters come in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel or Cor-Ten® steel
  • 6 thicknesses and 50 standard finishes
  • Letters adn logos from 1/2 inch to 60 inches
  • Typical 6 day production
Cast Metal 3D Letters

Cast Metal 3d letters have a certain class and distinction. These letters come in 60 standard letter styles with almost 70 different finish options and typically an 8 day production time. They are made from earth friendly alloys and are 100% recyclable. These letters can be as much as one and a half inches thick depending on the letter. Face profiles include round, prismatic, or flat faces.

  • More than 60 standard 3d letter styles and symbols
  • Economical custom cast with more depth than flat cut
  • Flat, round, or prismatic profile options
  • Available finish options include painted, brushed, anodized, oxidized, and patina
  • Earth friendly alloys used - 100% recyclable, lead and mercury free
  • Available in aluminum or bronze with a lifetime guarantee
Fabricated Metal 3D Letters

Fabricated metal 3d letters are expertly crafted and offer virtually unlimited design potential and range in size from 2 inches to 120 inches tall with multiple finishes adn return depths. Finish options in stainless steel include brushed, polished, titanium coated, or painted. Aluminum 3d letters include brushed or painted. Depths of these 3d letters range from half-inch to 6 inches with a typical 10 day production time. Optionally they can be UL illuminated. These 3d letters come in a choice of 46 standard colors with PMS colors available.

  • Sizes range from 2 inches to 120 inches in a single piece
  • Depth from 1/2 inch to 6 inches
  • Lead free titanium coated stainless steel
  • Specialty finishes available

Gem Leaf 3D Letters

A micron thick coating of metal is applied to an extruded acrylic 3d letter. These are great for in-stoor displays, reception, and exhibits. They are designed for interior use and come with a wide range of options and are extremely durable.

  • Superior laser cut edges
  • 12 standard pigmented options
  • 3 standard thicknesses
  • Maximum single piece 22 inches x 46 inches
  • Typical 6 day production time
Laminate on Acrylic 3D Letters

These 3d letters use a 30ml auminum metal sheet that is then laminated onto the letter using a proprietary process with a lifetime guarantee. Once the sheet is laminated to the acrylic it is then CNC routed providing a precision finished edge. Minimum size for these letters is 3 inches. 3d Letter thicknesses reange from 1/8 inch to one and a half inches.

  • Minimum size - 3 inches
  • Precision CNC routed edges
  • 12 standard pigmented colors
  • 8 standard thicknesses
  • Maximum single piece 47 inches x 95 inches
  • Typical 6 day production time
Laminate on Foam 3D Letters

Just like with the acrylic 3d letters, a 30ml thick layer of aluminum sheet is laminated onto the 3d foam letter using a proprietary process after which the letters are cut using a CNC router form precision edges. These 3d letters com with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Minimum size - 4 inches
  • 6 standard foam depths
  • Maximum single piece 47 inches x 47 inches
  • Larger 3d letters and logos available as multi-piece
  • Typical 6 day production time

GemLite 3D Letters

UL Certified GemLite 3d letters have a two part construction consisting of faces and cans which are both formed from UV stable CAB plastic.

  • Multiple face-lit options
  • Availabe as halo lit 3d letters and logos
  • Made per your art
  • UL Certified
  • Typical 8 day production
Stainless Steel 3D Letters

Durable and attractive these fabricated stainless steel 3d letters make a dramatic statement and provide outstanding low-light visibility.

  • Unlimited custom styles
  • Up to 6 inches deep
  • Halo or face LED lighting
  • UL Certified
  • 17 standard finish options
  • 5 standard LED colors
Aluminum 3D Letters

These 3d letters are large scale with durable performance and sophisticated style and can be supplied with UL certified illumination.

  • Channel letters 16 inches up to 120 inches
  • Thick 90ml face gauge and 63ml return gauge
  • Halo or face LED lighting
  • UL Certified
LUXE 3D Letters

When your illuminated 3d letters and logos require exacting precision LUXE letters are a great solution.

  • Lighting options include face-lit, halo-lit, face and halo lit, and trimless back
  • Removable backs for servicing LED illumination
  • Available in 4 different lighting options and 15 standard colors
  • UL Certified

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