Lobby Signs and Office Signs Custom Created

Quality and Craftsmanship takes time. We begin with an understanding of your objectives providing ideas and suggestions. Next we begin with a design and specifications for your office or lobby that meets your objectives and your budget afterwhich your lobby sign or office sign is completed so that either you can install the sign or we can install the sign for you.

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Lobby Signs Using Wall Letters

Wall letters can be directly applied to the wall in your lobby or office. We can duplicate your logo and design and from 3d acrylic letters or other materials. You are not limited in color or font style and we use materials in combination to 3d letters to meet your objectives.

Lobby Signs From Acrylic Panels

A very popular lobby sign or office sign are acrylic panels with your logo and design applied to the back of the surface. This helps protect the finish with an exquisite finish. Edges are polished and we can polish green glass edges or clear edges. Choose the acrylic panel thickness you need. Since we are a custom sign company we can meet your specifications and we don't limit your selections.

Lobby Signs and Panel Signs

As a custom sign company we provide design and material specification continually. Your lobby sign can be made from opaque flat panel material with a designed face that has very few limitations. Our objective is meeting your objective instead of fitting your project into a pre-defined process.

Lobby Sign Design

We customize all of our lobby signs because each of our customers are different. We review your objectives and your location after which we provide an iron-clad quote that you can count on

Lobby Signs Using Wall Letters
lobby signs can be 3d letters placed directly on walls
A Distinctive Look for Lobby Signs and Reception Areas

Buying an Impressive Lobby Sign

We determine your objectives and location which gives us ideas for optimal lobby sign designs. If you have a design then we work from your design. When we design a lobby sign we use an extensive knowledge of sign materials knowing which work well together and look spectacular together.

We Use High-Grade Cast Acrylic w/Polished Edges
lobby signs made from acrylic with polished edges are popular
Your Graphic is Applied to the Extruded Acrylic

How Your Laser Cut Acrylic Letters are Produced

Our manufacturer extrudes their own acrylic sheets. The finished product is sharp, beautiful, and lower cost than you would expect. Your letters are available in standard pigmented colors or can be painted to your specifications.

Attention to Detail

We use the finest materials and manufacturers when we source the materials for your lobby sign. Experience informs us that using the best materials produces the best results and we believe excellent results is what our customers desire. Many of our signs are hand-crafted and that's also where experience makes a difference.

Lobby Signs Made from Component Signage
lobby signs can be backlit for a halo effect around the sign
Electrical Packages Are An Option

Lobby Sign Photos From Our Customers

Lobby signs made from acrylic can be cut to any shape with polished edges

Lobby Signs Cut To Shape

We cut one acrylic lobby sign to the shape of a star and overlaid the shape with a clear polished acrylic with spacers so that the edges of the cut acrylic lobby sign are protected from damage.

3d letters are a typical method of producing lobby
                                                                            signs that can span large distances and don't have the size limitations of other types of signs

Lobby Signs for Wall Surfaces

Lobby signs made from 3D letters can be used when its feasible to cover a large area of the wall. Combined with other types of signage stunning effects can be achieved.

lobby signs with graphics applied to the back surface are easy to clean and are protected from damage

Lobby Signs for Reception Desks and Waiting Areas

Lobby signs with complex graphics can be made from a combination of acrylic and prints finished with hardware all combining to make the lobby sign stand out when a customer enters your premises.

lobby signs made with backing panels have almost unlimited styles and are built from an array of sign materials 
                                                                            as is this panel sign made with 3d letters

Lobby Signs Customized

Lobby signs can be customized using an array of sign materials from backer panels, 3D letters, prints, vinyls, and more. How the panels are built is entirely up to you and we can reproduce virtually any logo. Pictured is a lobby sign made from an brushed aluminum material and 3D letters. An optional low-cost optional electrical package that produces a backlit halo effect around the sign can also be purchased with this type of lobby sign.

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Guaranteed Results

  • Lobby signs are EASY TO INSTALL. All you need is a drill and mounting screws
  • If you are in our service are WE CAN INSTALL your lobby signs
  • Optional polished edges on acrylic over 1/4" Thick
  • Templates are provided for 3D letter installations
  • OPTIONAL HARDWARE Accessories (spacers etc) are available

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